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Griffin is led by Singer-Songwriter Noam Maggeni, who has realized that music is the true therapy, which has encouraged him to bring Griffin into existence. The musical production by Yoav Or (JonZ) and the accompanying band create a modern tribal campfire atmosphere during Griffin's performances, incorporating different sounds that transport the listener to distant realms. Griffin has performed at various venues and festivals while releasing its first EP in November 2022, recorded live with nine musicians. A full-length album is set to be launched in 2024, followed by a tour in Europe & North America.

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Maggeni Noam

International Booking:

Lara Logan


Where faith meets doubt, where order meets chaos, where love meets fear, that is where we dwell, forever trying to find the delicate balance. A creature of opposites, Griffin constantly strives to reconcile counterparts through tales, folklore, music and harmony. Its unique sound has been shaped by a variety of musical influences and cultural experiences, which has manifested the construction of its own form of poetry, dealing with self-exploration, nature, wanderlust, magic, and mysticism. In its performances, Griffin not only entertains but also reminds the audience of ancient knowledge and power that have been forgotten, offering a cure for our pain and therapy for the soul. 

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